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International marketing

Marketing Planning & Strategy development, International Partner Search, Marketing Promotion & Lead Generation, Marketing Communications.

Online marketing

The internet has opened vast new opportunities when it comes to global business development. Understanding what online marketing techniques are actually effective can be a challenge.

Marketing communications

We believe that how you communicate the value of your products or services is critical for success in both domestic and international markets, as we have provided the service for over 20 years for both US and international companies.

Channel marketing services

We understand the complex nature of channel relationships, but we try to keep our approach as straightforward and streamlined as possible. Our customized integrated marketing approach leads to faster results, and a higher return on your marketing investment.

Business Development

Our proven approach can help your business achieve marketing results fast and cost-effectively.

Who We Are

We are a management consulting firm that sees the world as one large marketplace. Your next customer may come from New London, Connecticut or London, England. They may come from your local state or region in the US, or from Asia, Europe, The Middle East, or South America.

Global Marketing Associates’ guidance is based on the first-hand experience, not on purely theoretical knowledge. We have over 20 years of experience in international business and have a proven track record of success. This includes a long list of satisfied clients worldwide in both the private as well as with government economic development agencies.

How We Work

Thanks to our unique understanding of both traditional and new online marketing solutions, as well as our years of experience on the front lines of global business development, GMA can act as your single point of contact to support your marketing needs.


“Working with Brian, we were able to achieve a level of success in our global channel growth in a matter of months what took our competition 3 years to achieve.”

UK Consumer Goods Company President

Company life