From Fortune 500 firms to SMBs and start-ups, we have provided services to companies in industries ranging from food and beverage, medical, information technology, software, telecommunications, industrial manufactured goods, consumer products, and educational products & services.


” Working with Brian, we were able to achieve a level of success in our global channel growth in a matter of months what took our competition 3 years to accomplish “

UK Consumer Goods Company President

“So overall, in less than 24h, I would say great job already : 11 leads, it is what we get on a first day of a trade show. 11 emails that are properly requesting us to follow-up with quotes. Thanks for your help !!!”

Canadian Organic Fruit Company

I am happy to report to you that I did get approximately 15 emails that expressed interest. Everybody so far has been followed up with an email or a telephone call.

Two have requested samples – and are paying for them – so this is a good sign.

Canadian Premium Beverage Company

“We received approximately 7 requests from distributors from the first campaign…so far I am a happy customer…”

US Beverage Company After First International Marketing Campaign

“We were able to find both new international distributors and end-users through targeted social media.  This proved to be a very effective marketing channel and a great compliment to other marketing.”

Canadian Medical Device Company